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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey everyone! Now as much as some of you may want to pretend..Christmas is coming! With only 5 weeks to go its time for us all to get started with the christmas shopping. So today I've got my top 5 nail related christmas gifts for you all to have a nose at! 

5. Wilko Nail Jewels: Now I didn't even realise until recently that Wilkinson's did nail stuff like this. But this little Nail Jewel pack will make a great stocking filler at just £2! 

4. Cath Kidston Provence Rose Manicure Set: Now you all know by now I'm a sucker for Cath Kidston so obviously my list had to include something from them! Now this is £14 but it's gorgeous and I'm pretty sure any girl would love to find this in their stocking! 

3. Models Own Sticky Finger Set: this set is a pretty awesome and simple way to create some great nail art with their polishes and stickers, plus it's a steal at the mo from Superdrug as its reduced to £6!

2. Nails Inc ultimate accessory gift set: now this is another bargain from Boots this time. This gift set includes 5 mini and 2 full sized polished, as well as a stylish clutch to store them in. According to the Boots website this is worth £42 and is down to better than half price at £20! Bargain! Plus you get 80 boots points! 

1. Rio Ultimate Nail Professional Nail Artist Collection: this is my number 1 Christmas gift, the ultimate kit for anyone wanting an all in one kit. Plus at only 
£29.99 it's a bargain from Superdrug. This set includes different tools to help you create your own nail art at home and looks great! 

So I hope you find my Christmas list helpful! Happy shopping!
Nicole x 


The views and opinions in this post are my own and no one else's included the companies mentioned. I do not neccessarily own the products featured, but feel they would be worth a look at. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tutorial Time!

Hi everyone! It's that time again! It's Tutorial time, for the first time in ages! I'm really pleased with this design. I found something very similar on Pinterest, which helped with my idea, but unfortunately there was no link to the original so I don't know who you are! But thanks for the great idea! :) 

First of all I started with BarryM's Cardamon Gelly polish (bought for me by my lovely hubby!) this is a great colour and really unusual. First paint your base layer in your chosen colour on your thumb, index finger and little finger. Then choose a lighter colour (I've used white) for your middle and ring finger. 

Once this layer is dry, take your darker colour again and paint half of your middle finger, don't worry too much about it being perfect as we'll be covering most of it up in a minute.  The next stage means making sure your nails are really dry as you're going to add a rose design. This is a little more intricate than the usual blob with a few lines. I've used BarryM's pink nail art pen and built up the rose with tiny dots and lines to create the illusion of petals. 

Do two or three small roses on the lighter half of your middle finger, then do one large rose anywhere on your ring finger. Next add some petals with a green polish. I've used the Cardamon again so it matches the other nails.

Lastly we're going to add some diamonds down the middle finger because we love a bit of sparkle! All you need to do is paint on a layer of top coat then use a cuticle stick to gently place the diamonds along the line between the two colours. Then just seal them all with top coat and you are good to go! 

Nicole x


Friday, 7 November 2014

Road Trip Selfies & Floral Designs

Hi everyone, today I've got a favourite design of mine and two for the price of one! I love adding roses and flowers to my nails, and it's always my go to design, plus it's so easy to do! 

So I started with a traditional Gel French manicure, then added the little roses on top. I had only planned to do an accent nail on each hand but got a bit carried away! I then added a thin coat of gel on top to protect it. 

The next day we headed out to meet our new niece and while taking an early morning road trip selfie I realised my nails matched my coffee mug! Slightly obsessed with any sort of floral/Cath Kidston style design! 

My second design is another great way to use the floral design along with the French manicure. I've used BarryM's Nude polish for the base and then added the white tip. I love just keeping the roses within the tip, and I've also added a little pink glitter along the smile line for a bit of sparkle! 

So I hope you like today's designs and feel inspired to do your own! 

Nicole x 


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